Adele parties in LGBTQ+ nightclub Heaven

A club night is embarking on a nationwide tour, kicking things off in Manchester - but the twist is that there are "no men allowed."

LICK events have announced they will be bringing the party to the Ritz nightclub on 7 May and not be one to miss (well, unless you're a man - you'll have to sit this one out).

Mancunians can expect DJ sets from Monique B, Janelle Wynter and Miller Black.

The night out was created "for women, by women" with the rule that there are "no men allowed," according to the company in order to provide a safer clubbing experience for women and transgender people.

Originally, the event began back in 2019 at London's Vauxhall district and due to popularity, it's now touring the country this spring in places such as Birmingham and Brighton.

Given that the Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures published in November last year show how sexual assault has increased by 8%, with the police in England and Wales recording a record number of rapes and the second-highest number of sexual offences within a 12-month period, women have praised LICK's club night concept.

As well as the upcoming tour, the club night has built a popular TikTok presence, by showing viewers what their women's only club night looks like.

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One of their most popular videos shows women and transgender people having a whale of a time and showing off their dance moves at one of their LICK events, with the caption: "A little look inside the UK's biggest club night where no men are allowed."

The video has over 1.1m views, 234,000 likes, and thousands of comments from women who love the concept of the event, with some being put off from clubbing previously due to feeling unsafe around men.

One person wrote: "This looks so safe and fun, imagine being able to dress up and not be sexually harassed while trying to dance w/ ur friends."

"I'm soon 25 and have never been in a club because I'm terrified of men. I need to book a ticket right now!" another person said.

Someone else added: "It's like all the drunken love in women's bathroom in a club - but it's the whole club! Paradise."

"I instantly thought of being safe if I came here. I've not been out for 3 years as I’m scared of men."


Heaven. #JDAirMaxMode #lickevents #birmingham #manchester #london #brighton #wlw

Meanwhile, let's just say some men aren't too pleased with the party going on without them and have made it clear with their sexist and transphobic words in comments section of LICK's videos.

Some of the comments left by men include: "Sexist," "That's kinda cool but defeats the point of clubbing. Women go clubbing for male attention," "Can we just identify as women? and "So who pays for the drinks then?"

But the company responded to this in the best way by creating a TikTok mocking the comments by displaying them on screen while women at their club night dance carefree, with "Oh No" by Kreepa playing in the background and added the caption: "Men have found out about our nightclub where they are not allowed."

Since posting the clip has been viewed over 326,000 times, with women defending the club night in the comments.

One person said: "Men should just try smiling more tbh."

"They’re proving why we want our own clubs lmao," another person said.

Someone else joked: "Needs the 'how you hating from outside the club when you can’t even get in the club' sound."

"All the flavours in the world and they choose to be salty," a fourth person commented.

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