A non-binary person just made a perfect point about how to look at gender

Travis Alabanza identifies as non-binary, or genderqueer, which is a term used to describe people who are not exclusively masculine or feminine outside of their gender binary.

In an informative interview with BBC1Xtra, as part of the station's 1Xtra Talks series, Travis made the point that they were always seen as a man by their friends, because:

That's what we've been told to do and it's really important for you now to realise that I never have been a man and I'm not one.

The point Travis wanted to highlight is that their friends are going on the same journey as Travis, trying to make coming out as trans or non-binary no different from how changes happen in other friendships.

Constantly in our friendships we're learning new and new things about the people we're with, we're changing how we treat them depending on what they've been through.

Travis makes the incredibly valid point that coming out as non-binary or trans is akin to being on a journey with friends, just learning something new and having their friends saying they want to know more and understand more.

They said in the interview:

Loads of things won't change, I'm still going to be really annoying, I'm still going to be loud and outrageous and all these things, but what is changing is how I'm understanding my relationship to my gender.

Travis went on to say:

It took time and it took patience and you lose some friends on the way but you also gain an incredible community on the way too.

Click here to listen in full to the episode of 1Xtra Talks, called Being Non-Binary.


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