Nottingham bar bans all MPs until parliament 'serves' their industry

Nottingham bar bans all MPs until parliament 'serves' their industry

A bar in Nottingham has banned all MPs from being served until parliament serves their industry.

In an Instagram post, MOJO Nottingham shared a video of a collection of MPs with a capitalised ‘BANNED’ superimposed in front of them.

They explained: “You won’t serve us, so we won’t serve you!”

MOJO Nottingham continued: “Until they see sense and either releases our industry to trade or provide us with viable financial support, we will not serve them.”

They finished the post with the hashtag ‘#cancelthecurfew’.

This is referring to a rule announced last Thursday which decreed that all pubs, bars and restaurants had to shut by 10 pm.

There was outrage after it was revealed the Parliament’s own bars were open beyond 10 pm. This, however, led to a U-turn which no longer makes parliament bars exempt from the regulation.

MOJO’s post also calls on “friends, colleagues, brothers and sisters in bars, pubs and restaurants across the country” to join them in their MP ban.

They referred to their action as “putting all the members of parliament on notice.”

On Twitter, some people voiced their support.

Others thought it was 'virtue-signalling'.

Bars and restaurants in the UK, like MOJO, are calling on the government for more support.

Lower capacity, due to social distancing measures, along with the 10 pm curfew has led to businesses expressing concern about their finances and future.

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