Nudist swimmer gets penis 'caught' on fishing hook

Swimming is a dangerous affair: especially when you’re doing it in your birthday suit.

Herbert Fendt (who changed his name to avoid public embarrassment) was skinny dipping in a lake in Kaisersee in Southern Germany last week.

According to local media reports, Fendt, who is rather fond of skinny dipping, had been swimming when he felt a tug in his genital area.

It wasn’t a leaf from the surrounding trees. It wasn’t a fish.

It was a fishing hook.

Apparently, a nearby fisherman got a little too enthusiastic with his line, and ended up accidentally hooking onto the poor man’s penis.

Picture: Alexandra Beier/Getty

Talking to Augsburger-Allgemeine, a German regional newspaper, he said:

I cried out to the fisherman ashore shouting 'do not pull, do not pull...' I was terrified he was going to try to reel me in.

Needless to say, some have questioned the validity of the story.

After all, Fendt was swimming in a lake many nudists frequent, located near Dickelsmoor.

The President of the local fishing association, Sylvia Fischer said:

We fishermen can perfectly understand the situation... We have all had at times a fishing hook pierced through one of our fingers, so we can imagine the incident was quite painful.

Fischer. Dickelsmoor.

If true, this may just be the most ironic story of the year.

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