Woman writes hilarious obituary for herself and says she finally got the ‘smoking hot body’ she always wanted

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We’d all like to decide how we’re remembered but this Canadian woman wasn’t going to let just anybody write her obituary.

She decided to write it herself.

In the Hamilton Spectator, Sybil Marie Hicks wrote:

It hurts me to admit it… but I, Mrs Ron Hicks from Bayville, have passed away.

Hicks used her final message to celebrate her husband, who she affectionately referred to as a “Horse’s Ass”, and her children “whom [she] tolerated over the years”.

She also saw the bright side of the situation by joking:

I finally have the smoking hot body I have always wanted… having been cremated.

The hilarious obituary went viral after the editor of the Hamilton Spectator shared it, prompting her daughter to comment on it.

And tributes came in from other users who wished they could have met her.

Hicks isn’t the only person to write their own obituary.

Carrie Fisher also left a notable request for how she wanted to be remembered.

Sybil says she's now "off to swim to the buoy and back."

She definitely knew how to go out in style.

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