Fast fashion brand sparks backlash for charging customers to return items

Fast fashion brand sparks backlash for charging customers to return items
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Customers of a fast fashion brand have expressed their dismay towards a policy that charges a person for returning their items.

Oh Polly is an international online retailer specialising in women's fashion. They have offices across Liverpool to Los Angeles, with over 350 employees in the UK alone and a further 1,500 worldwide.

In a viral TikTok clip that's garnered over 400,000 views, former Oh Polly shopper @elmint was outraged to learn about a policy that can charge up to £8.99 for a return.

"Anyone who has a higher return rate deserves to spend more money on their returns," she informed followers. "As an Oh Polly customer who has received this email, I just want to tell you that the only reason that I'm returning so much is because I have to order every single dress that I order from you in three different sizes."

She continued: "If you had products true to size, I wouldn't be ordering three different sizes in everything that I order."

It didn't take long for fellow TikTokers to chime in with their takes, with one writing: "Looks like Oh Polly have just planned their own funeral. Whoever signed this off needs sacking immediately! Terrrrrible business idea."

Another added: "I'm a UK 12 everywhere but in Oh Polly I can't even fit a 16... don't even get me started on the joke that is their bigger bust range!"

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I haven’t shopped with Oh Polly since they started charging for returns - put me right off."


Sort out the actual issue that is your sizing babe @Oh Polly xxxxx

As per the Oh Polly website, "return fees are priced per return generated," and the first return from new customers "will be free of charge."

The site offers a graph showcasing the amount customers will be charged:

"UK customers: If you are returning for a refund, please see our handling fees below. Fees are based on return rates:

0-50% of orders returned = £2.99
50-70% of orders returned = £4.99
70-80% of orders returned = £6.99
80-90% of orders returned = £7.99
90-100% of orders returned = £8.99"

Indy100 reached out to Oh Polly for comment

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