Man who faked his own death six years ago to avoid capture is finally arrested
Oklahoma City Police Department

A man who had reportedly faked his own death six years ago to avoid being arrested for an attack on his ex-girlfriend has finally been caught.

Christopher Tomberlin who is from Georgia was apprehended following a joint investigation by Oklahoma Citypolice and US Marshals Fugitive Task Force on 27th May, as per the Daily Mail.

Tomberlin has been arrested on charges of aggravated assault, battery and terroristic threats after being accused of trying to kill his former girlfriend after biting her and throwing a hatchet at her, which missed, during an incident in 2015 in Macron, Georgia.

However, after being released from jail he faked his own death and managed to escape from the authorities for six years but was eventually discovered to be living 1000 miles west.

Acccording to US Marshal Service spokesman Andrew Joseph, Tomberlin had been living under different aliases in Oklahoma since 2019 but his whereabouts previous to this are unknown.

The fugitive was said to be ‘surprised’ when the officials showed up at his front door on W 77th Terrace and Douglas Avenue in Oklahoma City and was taken into custody without incident. He had reportedly been working as a freelance tattoo artist.

In a statement the police said: “Analysts from our Criminal Intelligence Unit worked diligently, and were able to piece together Tomberlin’s latest steps. Great work by everyone involved in getting this dangerous man off the streets!”

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