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The best advice always comes from those older, wiser and more experienced than ourselves.

If you're in need of some words of wisdom you’re in luck, because more than 1,000 retirees talked to chair specialists HSL about what advice they would give to young people.

And their answers are enlightening.

They said that the top five things to focus on in your twenties are:

1. Making a promising start to a career

2. Travelling

3. Remaining in education and getting a good qualification

4. Having fun

5. Living a healthy lifestyle

In an accompanying video, Audrey said:

My father used to say to me ‘I don’t know what you want to go abroad for when there’s lots of lovely places in England.

I said, 'Dad, I can see them when I’m old – I’m going abroad in a coach'.

And when you’re 30?

1. Buy a house

2. Be careful with money

3. Get married, or settled into a long-term relationship

4. Live a healthy lifestyle

5. Have children

Hamish, 68, said:

Don’t squander your money and get into debt. Try to live within your means.

And the most popular advice the retirees gave for everyone, regardless of age:

1. Always be true to yourself

2. Be happy, and enjoy life

3. Be healthy, and take care of yourself

4. Get a good education and work hard

5. Save your money

Harvey, 81, said:

Life is an adventure with ups and downs. Always stay optimistic, work hard, and you will have enough money to enjoy it.

In the video, Brenda had a bonus piece of advice, which is:

If you want to play all day on your iPad then also go and play a game of tennis with your best friend.  

Don’t lose the art of communication.

Here's the video:

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