We might still be in the middle of a deadly pandemic, but culture secretary Oliver Dowden wants you to be very excited that the premiere league is back.

His announcement at a daily government briefing came just moments after he told viewers that the country "has sadly had an increase of 184 fatalities since yesterday".

The daily average number of deaths from coronavirus in the UK is 146.

Dowden described these figures as "important progress" as the daily average has decreased since coronavirus's peak in late April. He then cheerily added:

And today actually marks another important milestone. In just under one hour's time the best league in the world will be back up and running after a hundred day pause.

People were stunned by his sudden change in tone.

Dowden's announcement was also criticised as a "distraction" from the number of coronavirus deaths the UK continues to experience.

People also noted that no scientific advisors were present when Dowden made the announcement.

And that he used the daily briefing to criticise Labour.

Oliver Dowden might want to play politics and watch football, but the rest of the country hasn't forgotten that we're still in the midst of a crisis that is claiming the lives of almost two hundred people every day.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of good news at a government briefing, but perhaps Dowden should have at least paused for breath after announcing the latest heartbreaking coronavirus figures.

Besides, not everyone even has Sky Sport.

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