<p>Eyela is believed to be around 13 weeks old </p>

Eyela is believed to be around 13 weeks old


A kitten with a hole in her heart is looking for a new home after being found next to a rubbish chute in London.

Eyela, who is believed to be around 13 weeks old, was found by a dog walker – she had been left in a cat carrier with some food, milk and a blanket.

The domestic short hair required treatment for burn wounds on her back as well as the removal of her right eye, which had ruptured.

Eyela, a cat found in London, required treatment for burn wounds among other things

The kitten also has a heart murmur and a small hole in her heart which will require monitoring.

Now in a Blue Cross foster home, the national pet charity is hoping to find Eyela a forever home.

“Someone obviously cared enough to leave her with food, milk and a blanket but we just can’t understand why anyone would want to leave her with the rubbish and not somewhere safe,” said Blue Cross London welfare officer Amanda Rumball.

“Thankfully she is safe in our care now, she’s so very sweet and just wants to be loved and cuddled.

“Her heart will need to be regularly checked as she grows into an adult cat so we’re looking for a new owner who will have the time and be able to afford regular trips to the vet to keep a check on her condition.

“We know the last year has been tough, but we’d urge anyone struggling with a pet to contact us so we can help to find a loving new home for the animal, as who knows what would have happened to poor Eyela if she hadn’t been found.

“She must have been in so much pain with her eye and the burn on her back. She deserves a home where she can be cared for and grow up safe and loved.”

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