A charity has allegedly turned down the proceeds of a calendar created by a glamour model.

Welsh OnlyFans model Alaw Haf wanted to donate £5 for every calendar she sold to an unnamed charity. Despite initially agreeing to accept the donation, the charity then changed its mind.

Speaking to indy100, the 24-year-old law graduate said she previously took part in charity fundraising while competing in beauty pageants.

Now that she no longer participates in pageants, she wanted to continue raising money for good causes and felt that a 2022 calendar would be a good opportunity to do just that.

“I wanted to dedicate January to the charity as it would be the first month the customer saw and it would imply by putting them first, how important supporting them was to me,” she said.

After agreeing the details with the charity’s third-party legal team, and telling them up-front that she was a glamour model, she was disappointed to learn that the donation would actually be refused.

At this point however, Alaw said she had already shot the calendar, including the month of January.

She said: “Personally, I have seen many people advertise that they’re stripping down for charity calendars over the years, so I never thought me posing in bikinis and underwear would be an issue.

“I had to chase a reason why from the charity and explained that I was upset by this, that I had invested time and money into the calendar and had followed the correct legal procedure like they requested.”

Eventually, after chasing for an explanation the charity replied to say they have “certain rules about nudity and explicit content” and that they roughly follow Instagram’s community guidelines - but Alaw’s calendar is not explicit, she says.

“I believe I was just being judged for being a glamour model,” she said. “When at the end of the day I was just trying to do something good and raise money for charity.”

Alaw has been selling content on subscription-based sites OnlyFan and AdmireMe for two and a half years.

She explained: “I always receive trolling and hateful comments about my job due to the stigma, which is hurtful but unfortunately I’m used to it.

“I was really upset, I did cry, I think from the frustration and stress it had caused.

“I felt like I was just basically being told my money wasn’t good enough for charity. I’m constantly having to battle with people that my job is still a ‘job’. It’s just different to your normal 9-5 job, I use an accountant and I pay tax like everyone else.

She added: “Since this whole rejection, I have researched and seen other people have advertised or sold nude calendars supporting my chosen charity which has left me feeling confused and quite disappointed in them to be honest.”

Now, she is selling her calendars to cover the cost of creating it as she incurred extra expenses due to having to reshoot part of the calendar.

She said she won’t name the charity as she doesn’t want them to receive any bad publicity because “at the end of the day they are still a charity.”

She added: “They have apologised and said they will use the experience to improve the journey that they are offering to their current supporters and thanked me for initially choosing them.”

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