Oprah is going door-to-door to get people to vote - you need to see it

Oprah is going door-to-door to get people to vote - you need to see it

Oprah is literally knocking on people’s doors to convince them to vote in the upcoming midterm elections in America.

No, really.

With less than a week to go, the 64-year-old is doing everything she can to ensure Democrat Stacey Abrams, who’s running for governor of Georgia, to be elected.

Winfrey surprised a fan after she turned up at her house. "U never know who’s gonna come a knocking!" she wrote on her Instagram page, alongside a video with the unsuspecting voter, a woman named Denise.

She appeared visibly shocked to have Oprah right there on her doorstep, but soon recovered, and they talked about voting and if she will be voting for Abrams (Denise ‘absolutely is’).

The talk show host also shared a video of a lady called Cassie, holding a sign bout equal rights.

Speaking at a campaign in Marietta, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb earlier this week, she urged people to vote:

For anybody here who has an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote, and you are choosing not to vote -- wherever you are in this state, in this country -- you are dishonoring [sic] your family. You are disrespecting and disregarding their legacy, their suffering and their dreams, when you don't vote.

We see injustices, big and small, all around us every single day of our lives. And I know it's easy for a lot of people to feel that you have no power against those injustices, but this is what I'm here to tell you: This land was made for you and me.

‘I don't want to run, OK? I'm not trying to test any waters - don't want to go in those waters. I'm here today because of Stacey Abrams,’ Winfrey added.

I'm here today because of the men and because of the women who were lynched, who were humiliated, who were discriminated against, who were suppressed, who were repressed and oppressed, for the right for the equality at the polls. And I want you to know that their blood has seeped into my DNA, and I refuse to let their sacrifices be in vain. I refuse.

(Picture: Jessica McGowan/Getty Images) Oprah and Stacey 

Oprah isn't the only famous face to back Abrams. Former US president Barack Obama has also thrown his weight behind the Democrat candidate, as did Grammy award winning musician Common.

Of the support, Abrams said:

[Winfrey] has inspired so many of us through the years with her unparalleled ability to form real connections and strengthen the bonds of family and community.

She added: "I am honoured to have Oprah join me for uplifting and honest conversations with voters about the clear choice before us in this election and the boundless potential of Georgians."

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