Optical illusion makes football team believe they've scored and it doesn't end well

Croatian football team Slaven Belupo lost against Hajduk Split and people are blaming an odd optical illusion, following a “ghost goal” at the other end of the pitch that hadn’t crossed the line.

Slaven had been 1-0 down at the Croatian First Football League at Stadion Poljud when they attempted to score an equaliser with just fifteen minutes left.

Hajduk’s goalkeeper Josip Posavec accidentally gave the ball to a Slaven player from the edge of the box, who went for the goal and to the naked eye... he scored, or at least that's what it looked like.

Half his team – as well as eager fans watching the game - thought he had been successful in scoring a goal, prompting celebrations.

However a closer look at the clip tells another story: Posavec ran towards the goal and managed to nudge the ball onto the post, preventing it from hitting the net, while he himself went crashing into the back of the net creating an almost perfect illusion.

The opposition made swift work of the team’s divided attention, and scored another goal, winning the game 2-0.

It was a painful day for Slaven Belupo supporters - and everyone was confused

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