Donald Trump is furious at Apple for removing the iPhone home button two years ago

Louis Staples
Saturday 26 October 2019 10:30

Does Donald Trump… Actually have a point? Has hell frozen over?

Taking a break from cussing out Democrats and tweeting about “no collusion” and the border wall to wade into a technological debate.

Trump has tweeted to say he doesn’t like the absence of “home” button on the his iPhone. Yes, really.

“Tim” presumably refers to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Since the first model in 2007, iPhones made use of a physical home button that took users back to the home screen. But a decade after the original phone came out, the 2017 edition of the iPhone, the iPhone X, became the first version to get rid of the button in favour of swipe controls that require users to slide their fingers across the screen in various gestures. Complicated, we know.

It's not clear what prompted Trump to call out Apple's chief executive about the change now, more than two years after it was first implemented.

But this isn’t the first time he’s tweeted his displeasure at iPhone features.

It's good to see the president has his priorities straight.

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