This optical illusion is baffling the internet

This optical illusion is baffling the internet
Picture: AMassiveTRexHoldingaBaby/imgur

Optical illusions and the internet - a combination almost guaranteed to distract even the most diligent of workers.

From dots that appear to move on their own, to animals camouflaged between bushes, the web has become a bastion of strange images for curious minds.

The following picture is the latest to make the rounds on social media.

It features a woman kneeling on a bed:

Internet users don’t know what they’re seeing. Does she have three legs?

One user admitted that, after glaring at the image for several minutes; they “Still don’t know what is happening”.

Another user claimed that the girl in the picture is sitting on a brown pillow, “Nothing too weird”.

For some, the image was easy to decipher. Others took longer.


I finally get. After two years I literally JUST got it.

So what is it?

It’s a vase.

She's holding a vase.

Picture: AMassiveTRexHoldingaBaby/imgur

Do you see it?

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