Aussie sign language interpreter gets pooped on by owl during news conference

Aussie sign language interpreter gets pooped on by owl during news conference

One sign language interpreter received an almighty surprise after an owl pooped on his face and jacket in the middle of a news conference.

Mike Webb was signing in Australian sign language (Auslan) at a news conference in Queensland where premier Annastacia Palaszcuk and deputy premier Steven Miles were speaking.

As Miles answered a question about flood subsidies, the footage shows Webb suddenly being splattered with poop on his face and jacket from an owl off-camera from in the trees above.

The surprise ariel attack caused Webb to swear as a woman behind the camera said: "Oh no Mickey!" in reaction to what had just happened.

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This caused Miles to turn around, spot the owl poop on his colleague and briefly paused while Webb who apologised for his swearing took off his jacket.

He then wiped his face before a police officer stood by offered him a tissue to remove the remaining poop from his face.

After dusting himself off Webb continued like a trooper and finished translating Miles' words.

"I'm gonna answer quickly," Miles said, causing laughter from everyone at the conference, including Webb.

"It's meant to be good luck," another woman behind the camera can be heard telling the sign language interpreter.

After all the commotion, the press conference then resumed.

Later on, Palaszcuk took to Twitter to applaud Webb for carrying on with his job - and also revealed that the culprit was an owl.

"Nothing stops our fabulous Mikey.

"He stands by my side, he stands by Queensland’s side.

"By the way, it was an owl."

Good thing, Queensland Police are on the case to catch the pooper...

Of course, the clip inevitably made rounds on social media with people praising Webb to continuing on with the job.

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