Teenager dies after taking part in 'One Chip Challenge'

Teenager dies after taking part in 'One Chip Challenge'
Dangers of the One Chip Challenge
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A teenager has died after taking part in the concerning “One Chip Challenge” that has spread on social media.

14-year-old Massachusetts teen Harris Wolobah died after consuming an incredibly spicy Paqui Tortilla chip and developing a severe stomach ache at school.

The consumption of the chip is part of the viral One Chip Challenge that tests people to see how long they can last without having to take a sip of water or eat anything else to relieve them from the spiciness. It is a challenge that is popular on social media as people film their reactions to eating the spicy tortilla chip.

Wolobah’s parents believe that taking part in the challenge contributed to their son’s sudden and unexplained death, according to reports.

The teenager’s bereaved mother explained that her son had been picked up from school after feeling unwell. He began to feel better at home but was later found unconscious as he was about to leave to play basketball.

Wolobah was rushed to hospital and was pronounced dead. His cause of death is not yet known as his family awaits autopsy results.

Speaking to local news, the teenager’s mother said she believes her child died due to complications from participating in the Paqui One Chip Challenge.

The company’s website warns users to seek “medical assistance” if they experience “difficulty breathing, fainting or extended nausea”. It also advises the chip is meant for adult consumption.

The tortilla chip seasoning is made with two of the spiciest chillies known to man – the Carolina Reaper and the Naga Viper peppers. These are around 1.7 million and 1.4 million Scoville units respectively.

indy100 has contacted Paqui for comment.

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