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An “improvised explosive device” was detonated this morning in Parsons Green tube station. The event which left many people injured has been declared a terrorist incident, according to Scotland Yard.

London is, of course, carrying on as normal, defiant and determined in the face of terror.

People are offering to make cups of tea for commuters caught up in the incident:

The area, much like Borough Market before it, is swiftly returning to normality.

Journalist Ceylan Yeginsu of the New York Times tweeted a photo of a what appears to be a man walking his parrot on his shoulder shortly after the attack at the train station.

She tweeted:

Apparently, it's a regular occurrence

It also looks like he has competition:

Yeginsu told indy100:

I spotted the guy about an hour and a half after the incident, he was right by the police cordon and was just walking down the road with two parrots whistling.

By that point shops and cafes were reopening and life felt like it was going back to normal. 

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