If you’re having an affair, don’t get a parrot

Hani Richter
Saturday 29 October 2016 13:30
(Getty Images)

A parrot reportedly revealed that a husband was having an affair with the family maid.

According to numerous reports, it all started when the pet parrot kept repeating flirty phrases that the man’s wife had never heard of. The bird then eventually called out the maid’s name.

After hearing various suspicious phrases, the woman took the parrot to the police station as evidence. In Kuwait, where the family live, adultery is considered a crime and the offender could face jail time.

The woman felt she had sufficient evidence. But, authorities told her that the parrot could not be used in court as it could have learnt the phrases from TV or radio.

The woman also said that her husband acted nervously when she returned from work earlier than usual.