Ben Morris gets a taste of luxury on one of the shortest first-class flights
Ben Morris gets a taste of luxury on one of the shortest first-class flights
YouTube/Ben Morris

We’ve all imagined what it would be like to experience a taste of luxury. But how far would you actually go to achieve it? One YouTuber took his desire to new heights, when he booked the ‘world’s shortest first class flight‘, on one of the most fancy airlines.

Ben Morris filmed his Emirates flight from Dubai to Bahrain, which only set him back £60 ($83.21). We’re not going to lie, that’s actually pretty affordable considering how expensive the airline can be. For context, a first-class Emirates flight from New York to Dubai would set you back $19,000.

However, Morris’ total flight time was only one hour and 15 minutes, which might have something to do with why his flight was so cheap. In the video, Morris highlights the most opulent features accompanying his first-class experience, including breakfast in the first class section of the business lounge, as well a 15 minute back massage.

Once he’s finally on the plane, Morris is given a complimentary glass of champagne before settling into a large private cabin, and transitions into a bed by a motorized pad on the armrest. The private cabin also includes its own TV, a stocked mini-bar, a dressing mirror, lamps and air-con.

The minibar pops up at the touch of a button

The reason Morris was able to book the flight at such discount, has more to do with his miles than it does pricing.

He explained the cost was 28,750 miles plus the cash. But he said he’d make up some of the money he’d spent by selling first-class items that he pocketed from the journey on eBay.

Well, that’s one way to make the most of your first-class experience...

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