People are baffled by the concept of an ‘apology dinner’ after Reddit post goes viral

What exactly is an “Apology Dinner?”
What exactly is an “Apology Dinner?”
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The internet can be a fascinating thing. Especially when it introduces us to a new pop culture trend that later becomes an obsession.

Case in point: “Apology Dinner.” On Wednesday, “Apology Dinner,” began trending online after a Reddit user posted a question to the r/AmITheAsshole (AITA) subreddit, asking if they were “the asshole” for “arranging a potluck for (their) sister’s “Apology Dinner.”

Naturally, the internet was intrigued and perplexed.

The post has since been deleted, but from what we understand, the original poster’s mother decided to host the dinner for her older sister, for a confidential reason, and she would prepare the food. When family members discovered the dinner and wanted to attend, it became more of a potluck-style affair.

When the post appeared on the @AITA_reddit Twitter account Thursday afternoon, the confusion amplified, with people continuously asking questions.

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“I mean the fact that this guy literally explains through the whole post what a pot luck is and forgetting to define what an apology dinner is, is kind of amusing , cause apparently we all have an #apologydinner like every evening,” one user tweeted.

“The fact that there is a specific protocol for “proper atonement” during an “apology dinner” is blowing my mind today. #ApologyDinner is this really “a thing?” Also, what the heck was behind it? Society needs more details... “ tweeted another

Thankfully, the OP appeased everyone’s minds, and finally explained the concept behind an Apology Dinner, which basically just sounds like a potluck to us.

“It’s not a party, but a dinner,” she wrote.“The reason for a dinner is so they can not only apologize, but hash things out,” the OP wrote.

Well, that makes perfect sense.

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