People are using fake George Orwell quotes to lecture the BBC on journalism

The BBC has been criticised by Corbynites and Ukippers for being too left wing/too right wing for years.

Meaning in terms of political impartiality, it's probably doing quite a good job.

Regardless, because they (presumably) pay the license fee, many feel that they can provide valuable insight to BBC journalists as to how to do their jobs.

This advice is usually along the lines of "stop reporting things I don't agree with".

Such as this helpful pointer:

However, as many have sought to point out, the claim that George Orwell ever said or wrote these words is actually pretty weak.

Wikipedia's discussion for the quote's attribution to Orwell shows that there is dubious evidence for it being from George Orwell, instead attributing it likely to Lord Northcliffe (Alfred Harmsworth) or William Randolph Hearst.

There is also a long post by Quote Investigator on the history of the adage, which concludes that it must remain unattributed:

The linkage to George Orwell is very weak. Based on current data Quote Investigator would label the adage anonymous.

Returning to the original tweet - the irony, it's palpable.

Let's just finish the article with one of the best from your boy, Orwell.

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