People love this joke about a 'manly' response to a soldier's leave being turned down

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Wednesday 29 June 2016 14:10

A disgruntled soldier’s pithy reply after he was apparently denied leave from attending a baby shower is all over social media.

Reddit user Backpacks Got Jets uploaded the following before and after supposed leave requests to his regiment:

The first reason cited for leave was simple:

Baby shower.

However, the words appear to have been crossed out by a commanding officer, who wrote:


The unnamed soldier tried for leave again, with a decidedly manlier angle:

Going home to the Appalachian mountains to drink whisky, wrestle bears, and shoot lots of guns. I also plan to grow out a beard, chop down a hundred trees with my axe and eat 10lbs of thick cut bacon with my wife, whom I plan to have lots of unprotected sex with, because I am a man and that’s what we do.


The image has been viewed over 8 million times in less than a week and people have been sharing their thoughts:

Some people made jokes…

Others questioned if men traditionally attended baby showers at all...


Traditionally speaking, men don't go to baby showers. It's like a bridal shower. It's BS, but I can kinda see where CO is coming from.


Every baby shower I've ever been too had men. Everyone was in agreement if you refused to show on the grounds you were a man, you're an asshole.

But most people were in agreement...

BobbytheBlack writes:

As a soldier for 16 years…the first thing I noticed is all the parts that are supposed to be filled out before the Commanding Officer would even look at it aren’t.

Also when it does go up the chain of command, as it should, no CO is going to care the reason since 3-4 people already approved the leave.

Let's be real: it's probably not true.

Still hilarious though.

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