People love this mother and daughter's conversation about their pet cat

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Sunday 28 August 2016 16:00
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**Cats are great, but 17-year-old Coco gets treated better than most, and the person who knows it most is the daughter of Coco's owner - Jenny Katz.

Jenny got told off by her mum for eating Coco's ice cream.


Katz' mum, who had been feeding Coco French vanilla ice cream (expensive Dreyer's ice cream at that) was shocked to find an empty tub when she went to bring Coco her nightly treat.

The conversation that ensued over text is hilarious - Jenny shared it with her friends on Twitter where it has clearly struck a chord.

Picture: jennmeowmeow/Twitter

Her mum sent her a picture of an incredibly unimpressed Coco...

Picture: jennmeowmeow/Twitter

To be honest, Coco has a point. Where the ice cream at?

indy100 caught up with Jenny Katz.

Is there any other human food Coco is partial to?

She loves cheese. Like adores cheese. Especially cheese sticks. And she also loves oatmeal. When I was younger and would eat oatmeal for breakfast, she would hop onto the table and eat it with me out of my bowl.

So Coco's favourite person must be mum?

She is loving towards everyone. My mum is definitely her favourite. Although I used to be until my mum started feeding her ice cream.

Coco now has fans all over the world, who have taken to Twitter to talk about their own cats...

And to support Coco in her quest for ice cream


Eventually, after over 16 thousand retweets and almost 30,000 'likes' Coco finally got her French vanilla ice cream.

Fantastic collective effort, everyone.

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