People think this Republican artist's pro-Donald Trump cartoon is racist

A cartoonist has been accused of racism for a drawing which pictures a butch and unhappy looking Michelle Obama next to a glamorous Melania Trump.

The drawing by self described "libertarian" Ben Garrison features Obama portrayed with muscular arms, a frown and a bulge in her crotch - while Trump is wearing a ball gown, white gloves, and is smiling with a 'Trump' sign.

He tweeted the picture last week with the caption:

In Trump's America The #FirstLady will be Great Again! #Trump2016.

There was a lot of negative reaction to the cartoon, with many people pointing out it relies on the stereotyping of black women as masculine and angry.

Not to mention the fact that comparing the appearances of two women is sexist and unnecessary.

It's also been noticed that that cartoon is indicative of hypocrisy from the far right.

Obama has been criticised for wearing clothes that reveal her arms (yes, we know) before, whereas Trump has posed nude, but many of her husband's supporters don't bat an eyelid.

And if it was Obama who was a foreign born citizen who had posed naked for photo shoots... well.

Garrison, for his part, has brushed off the negativity, taking to Twitter in true Trump style to call his critics "cry babies".

Satire could strip naked, paint itself purple and yell 'Satire-satire!' and they still wouldn't see it.

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