Picture: Marina Joyce/YouTube
Picture: Marina Joyce/YouTube

People on the internet got carried away on Wednesday. Again.

YouTuber Marina Joyce – whose videos on the subject of fashion, boys and relationships rake in millions of viewers – last week posted a video titled “Date Outfit Ideas.”

Viewers were quick to point out a number of 'strange' things in the clip

Like apparent bruises on her arm

And her 'bizarre' demeanour

Joyce also invited her viewers to meet her at Bethnal Green station at 6:30 on 3 August for a "Gloryville sober party." People were reluctant, suggesting that the police go instead.

Eventually the police made a home visit.

On Wednesday morning Joyce had a live stream on YouNow where she attempted to dispel the myths...

I’m not in danger guys - I’m ok - genuinely. I shouldn't be saying [this] but the police came to my door.

I didn't call for help, and it was my mum behind the scenes.

Joyce even showed the viewers her room to prove that she wasn't kidnapped

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