People with these names are 'most likely to get pregnant' next year


If only there was a way to predict how likely your partner is to get pregnant next year, based on something as arbitrary as her name...

Apparently, there is a way to figure it out.

Closer magazine decided to take serendipity out of the equation and released a list of women most likely to get pregnant in 2017, based on the popularity of their name.

Yes, really.

But wait, before you write this off as yet another gimmick, some research may have actually been involved in compiling the list.

According to Closer the average woman gives birth to her first child just shy of 30 years old (29.8 if you want to be exact).

Based on this statistic, women will have to be born in 1987 and 1988 to fulfil the theory next year.

Closer then used good ol’ Google and found out the most popular names for women born in those years.

Scared yet?

Here’s the list:

1. Jessica

2. Amy

3. Jade

4. Rebecca

5. Charlotte

6. Hannah

7. Lauren

8. Sophie

9. Emily

10. Sarah

Not to worry, all you Ashleys, Megans, Samanthas and Rachels, you’re in the top twenty too.

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