Family cat gets paw caught in illegal trap found in neighbour's garden

Jack Cousins/ SWNS

A terrified mother-of-two has told of her shock after finding her beloved cat stuck in a gin trap, a mechanical device designed to catch an animal by the leg between its 'jaws'.

Horrific pictures show one-year-old cat Violet's bloodied paw caught in the trap after she was rescued by Jodie Barratt, 33 from a neighbouring garden in Oldham.



The sickening photographs show blood and hair remaining on the trap after Violet was freed.

Jodie heard the cat screaming at around 7am on Saturday morning (July 28) and rushed towards the noise. She found Violet stuck in the contraption on a neighbouring roof - after the cat had dragged herself up some steps and onto the top of the building.

Jodie believes the trap must have been set by someone who hates cats.

She told SWNS:

It was absolutely shocking. I heard the screaming and I had honestly not heard anything like it. 

The cat had dragged herself up some steps from a nearby garden and onto the roof next door, that is where I found her. 

She had managed to drag her paw in the trap all of the way up the steps and onto the roof. It was horrible.

These type of traps have been banned in England and Wales since 1958 and in Scotland since 1971.

Jodie, who posted pictures of Violet's injuries on Facebook, has contacted the police and the RSPCA but there has been no suggestion that her neighbours were responsible.

Picture: Alex Cousins

Picture: Alex Cousins

She added:

The trap has broken her leg and she could possibly have to have it amputated because the trap was on her paw that long because we couldn't get it off.

Violet is my daughter's cat but I haven't told her what has happened. She doesn't really know much about it.

She just thinks Violet has hurt her paw and had to go to the hospital. I just can't believe why someone would do this.

I have never heard pain like the sound she was making when I found her in the trap.

We have had Violet since she was a kitten. She is just over a year old now. I don't know why anyone would want to hurt her.

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