Peta delivered vegan snacks to the hungry Oregon 'terrorists'

Peta delivered vegan snacks to the hungry Oregon 'terrorists'

Animal rights group Peta decided to deliver a shipment of tasty high protein treats to a group of armed gun men who took over a remote federal building but forgot to pack any snacks.

Peta, who seem quite pleased with themselves for feeding "terrorists", posted on their website:

The militant cattle ranchers currently occupying Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have appealed for snacks, and PETA is answered the call with a hand-delivered package of vegan jerky that contains more protein than beef does.

The group, who have said that they are not afraid to kill or be killed if anyone tries to move them, tweeted out a request for tasty treats. Apparently they remembered firearms but skimped on packing anything to nibble on.

Peta's reasoning is that the "terrorists" are cattle farmers and by providing them with vegan jerky they hope that the men will be converted from their cow farming practices and adopt a vegan life.

Peta chairman Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement:

People from all walks of life are increasingly appalled by the idea of slaughtering animals and realise, too, the harmful impact that animal agriculture has on the environment, so it’s time to face facts.

"People from all walks of life" does include armed gunmen, tbf.

According to Peta the group, who have been nicknamed "Y'all Qaeda" and "Vanilla ISIS" thoroughly enjoyed their experience of vegan jerky.

Newkirk told

They are armed bullies – ranchers who shoot wildlife, slit coyotes' throats, gun down resting migratory birds and ruin marshlands through illegal grazing. This is not their land. It was stolen from Native Americans by armed white men, and now it's in trust for all Americans, as is the wildlife, and PETA US wants to attract some attention for the animals who are mostly forgotten in this story.

These armed men are a disgrace in the eyes of decent human beings and disrespectful of all life but their own. Yesterday, PETA US introduced the cattle killers to their first vegan snack, and they enjoyed it. Today, PETA US is taking them vegan chilli because the animal rights group believes in conversation rather than conflict, and it always hopes no one is totally unreachable with a message of kindness.

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