Trump will win support in 2020 election because openly gay Pete Buttigieg is 'unusual and frightening', conservative claims

Trump will win support in 2020 election because openly gay Pete Buttigieg is 'unusual and frightening', conservative claims

A US conservative radio host has controversially claimed that voters in the 2020 presidential election would rather vote for Donald Trump than the "unusual and frightening" LGBT+ candidate Pete Buttigieg.

Also known as 'Mayor Pete,' Buttigieg announced his plans to run for president on Sunday, making him the first openly gay man to run for the highest office in America and people are already excited to see what he can offer.

Despite recent polls showing the Buttigieg finishing just behind former vice president Joe Biden for the Democratic nominee, Chandelle Summer, a contributor to MSNBC believed he wouldn't fair well against Trump because "he is so far from the norm".

He will be the first Maltese-American and Episcopalian gay, millennial war veteran ever to have reached for the presidency. 

He is so far from the norm when it comes to political candidates that I think that voters will flock in droves to Donald Trump as a candidate just because they will find this so unusual and frightening.

The rest of the guests on the MSNBC show seemed a little shocked and taken aback but Summer's assessment of Buttigieg, with a few even laughing at the thought that voters would find the 37-year-old 'frightening'.

Danielle Moodie-Mills, the host of the SiriusXM Progress show 'WokeAF' argued that what Buttigieg is offering to voters is something far more 'interesting' than what they have had before.

Sounds like a lot of really interesting things that make up a part of the American fabric, a war veteran, somebody who’s Christian, somebody who lives in Middle America, can speak to Middle America, young, a millennial. I don’t see how that’s terrifying.

Summer then tried to clarify her comments adding that while she didn't find it 'terrifying', she did believe that the American people would find Buttigieg 'abhorrent'.

I don’t think it’s personally terrifying. I think that the American public will find it so abhorrent and different from the usual candidates and won’t be able to wrap their heads around it. The age is a huge problem.

I mean, he is 37 years old. I can remember when I was 37 years old and my thought process, the way I analyse things is different than now and you need experience in life to be a good leader and to understand all the different dynamics of the economy, the world, the global situation, national security.

I just don’t think voters will trust someone that young and I don’t think the fact that he’s gay is a big problem personally. I feel like we have crossed that bridge in this country.

The bizarre exchange can be viewed in the video below.

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