Piers Morgan mocks Greta Thunberg by comparing her mural to Vladimir Putin

Piers Morgan's comments about Greta Thunberg and her role as one of the planets leading climate change activists is well documented.

Previously the Good Morning Britainhost has said that he 'worries' about the Swedish teenager and believes she is being used by adults.

In a tweet that he posted on October 25, Morgan sarcastically mocked Thunberg and asked her when she will be 'reaching school again.'

Now he has mocked the 16-year-old again by taking a pop at the mural of her that was recently unveiled in San Francisco.

The 60-foot-mural was created by Argentinian artist Cobre but Morgan pointed out that the image looked more like Vladimir Putin than the young activist.

Many were quick to criticise Morgan for making such a crass comment which he clearly saw as some sort of joke.

However, Morgan wasn't the only person to make this comparison which makes you think that for once, it might have been the artist's fault and not the 54-year-old broadcaster.

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