Piers Morgan criticizes non-binary singer Sam Smith for dressing in 'men's' clothing

Piers Morgan criticizes non-binary singer Sam Smith for dressing in 'men's' clothing

Good Morning Britainhost Piers Morgan has continued his obsession with non-binary people by taking a pop at singer Sam Smith.

On 10 November Morgan retweeted photos of the British singer wearing Mans Concept Menswear, a Spanish fashion brand.

Morgan can’t seem to understand (or is deliberately misunderstanding) how Smith can identify as non-binary while wearing clothes designed for men. Of course, clothing and gender identity are completely separate. Cisgender women often wear men’s clothes and many drag queens, for example, identify as cisgender men in and out of drag.

Being non-binary, or identifying as a man or a woman, doesn’t have any bearing on the clothes someone wears.

Since coming out as non-binary, Smith has worn garments traditionally considered as both menswear and womanswear. After all, gender (and gendered clothing) is a construct.

For example, they were photographed for the GQ Men of the Year Awards in a black suit, lace shirt and three-inch heels. Smith later shared a photo of the shoes on social media, writing:

There was a time where I thought I’d never ever ever be able to be myself like this in front of the industry or anyone. It feels so good and I just wanted to share that with you all, and share a picture of my GORJ Gucci heels.

As for the clothing Smith was wearing this time, a spokesperson for Mans told Pink News that the brand believes in “fashion for all genders, obviously.”

We believe that in these times we should not even consider that something is predestined exclusively for a specific gender.

On Twitter, people were quick to correct Morgan's ignorant statement.

H/T: Pink News

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