Piers Morgan says he's now identifying as 'skinny' in another 'barbaric' swipe at trans people live on air

Piers Morgan says he's now identifying as 'skinny' in another 'barbaric' swipe at trans people live on air

Piers Morgan has done it again. He's taken an underhand jab at trans people while appearing on Good Morning Britain, and people are seriously unamused.

Speaking on the programme this morning, the veteran right winger and provocateur started ranting that he now identifies as 'skinny'.

Alongside presenter Susannah Reid and Charlotte Hawkins, he said:

I'd like to announce I'm identify as 'skinny'. 

In fact, I'm one of the world's first 'trans-slenders'. 

So I will be now 'trans-slender'. So you can't actually call me fat anymore, because I'm identifying as skinny, and I'm trans-slender, and I expect to be afforded the respect that being a trans-slender accords me. 

People on social media were shocked and outraged by his comments.

Some called out the real impact these jokes have on the transgender community.

And called the whole thing 'barbaric'.

Deputy leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson offered his weight-loss tips.

While some thought the comments were funny.

One said they couldn't believe Morgan had been given a platform.

This isn't the first time Morgan has criticised the trans community. In September 2018, Morgan was criticised for questioning whether transgender girls should be allowed to join the Girl Guides.

During a debate with a transgender activist Susie Green, from charity Mermaids, she said:

Girl Guides is about allowing children to be children. Trans girls should be allowed to take part in the same way as everyone else.

In response, Morgan said:

I think if a transgender girl who still has male genitals, shouldn’t be with girl guides until fully woman.

In response to the comments, some people on social media said Morgan was 'bigoted' and 'transphobic'.

indy100 has contacted Good Morning Britain for comment.

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