Trump once got tricked into a phone call with a prankster pretending to be Piers Morgan

Louis Staples
Sunday 24 January 2021 10:19
(AP / Reuters)

Piers Morgan has revealed that a prankster pretending to be him called former US president Donald Trump on Air Force One last year – and ended up having an entire conversation with him.

The Good Morning Britain presenter said the former president only realised he had been pranked when he called Morgan the next day.

The incident apparently happened in October but Morgan spoke about it for the first time on the BBC's Americast podcast this week.

Morgan and Trump had been close friends, but lost touch after Morgan criticised his handling of the pandemic. Asked by the BBC's Jon Sopel why Trump had called after they fell out, Morgan said:

"an absolutely hilarious story, where somebody had called [Trump] pretending to be me the day before and got through to him on Air Force One."

“They had a conversation with Trump thinking he was talking to me.”

Politicians getting pranked like this is surprisingly common. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and prime minister Boris Johnson have both fallen victim to prank callers. And there was the infamous time Sarah Palin was tricked by pranksters pretending to be the French prime minister when she was running for vice president in 2008.

Of the call, Morgan said:

"We had a very nice conversation... I always got on well with Trump."

But he added that Trump was a “useless leader” who had “chronice narcissism”.

Morgan has distanced himself from Trump further following the riots at the Capitol which he is accused of inciting, saying he’s officially “done” with the former president.