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This might just be Piers Morgan's worst tweet ever.

The Good Morning Britain host responded to a tweet about sensitive white men on the internet.

Twitter user @xlayre wrote:

The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and still isn’t as sensitive as a white man on the internet.

Apparently triggered, Morgan descended on the tweet with one of his own, making sure to encompass offense against women and black people. Just a big old sweep across the board.

The penis has 8,000 nerve endings too, but if I said 'it still isn’t as sensitive as a black woman on the Internet' - I'd be banned from Twitter & fired for racist toxic masculinity. 

Why is racist toxic feminism - like this tweet below - any more acceptable?

His words seem to echo a wilful misunderstanding of the idea of racism. One twitter user summed it up perfectly:

Because white men aren’t an historically discriminated against group. Of course it’s more acceptable.

White male victimhood is a new phenomena which comes as a response, in part, to feminist and equal rights movements across the world.

As people in America and Europe demanded the reservoirs of power acknowledge histories of sexual and racial violence, the defensive white male was born.

It presents itself in the likes of Jordan B Peterson, who, as Damien Walter wrote for the Independent last year, will “literally weep, actual flowing salty tears, in front of a video camera, over the fate of the young white male".

White victimhood syndrome manifests in people like alt-right Infowars founder Alex Jones, and, as is evidenced by Morgan’s tweet, in the presenter, too.

Lots of other men were triggered agreed with Morgan’s sentiments as well. One wrote, “He is such valid points,” and another added the tweet was “highly offensive to white men”.

Others are sick of vitriol.

And say his knee-jerk reaction proves the original tweet's point...

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