Piers Morgan is at it again. By “it” we mean saying unbearably stupid things online then getting roasted.

A few days ago, Morgan waded into the ongoing dispute between president Trump and US soccer star Megan Rapinoe. The football player had suggested that she would not accept an invitation to the White House if the team won the Women’s World Cup.

This didn’t go down too well with Morgan, who had previously called Rapinoe “cocky” and accused her of “loving herself” (how dare she?!) after the player celebrated scoring a goal at the World Cup. He also said he was looking forward to England’s Lionesses putting her in her place.

But look how that turned out…

Following Rapinoe’s political statements, Morgan ramped up the (one-way) feud, accusing her of having “arrogance” and suggesting she should only be able to comment on politics once her team win.

Again, look how that turned out…

Obviously, people have been roasting Morgan and the president for suggesting the US soccer star had no right to comment on politics unless her team won.

This is particularly joyous given the fact that the team are world champions once more.

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