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The current political climate in the United States right now consists of one set of people being racist and another set not being racist.

President Trump's racist comments about four congresswomen have stirred up distasteful rhetoric in the past few days, which essentially peaked after his supporters chanted 'send her back' at Ilhan Omar at a campaign rally in North Carolina on Wednesday.

At this point, you had probably written off any chance of hearing a good and positive story from the United States this week, but, don't be so hasty, as one story shows that there is still a lot of decency and good-willed people living in the 'home of the free'.

Author Jaime Primak shared a tweet on Tuesday, which quickly went, viral about how her fellow passengers on a plane flight came to her aide after a man asked her to 'stop speaking Spanish'.

At this point, you might be expecting that the rest of this story plays out like the racist man from the RyanAir flight in October 2018, where barely anyone, including the cabin staff, came to the victims' assistance.

Fortunately, that didn't happen. Instead, the other passengers heard what the man had said and, rather than tell him where to go, they - as well as the flight attendant - also started speaking Spanish.

Primak is yet to disclose which airline this took place and where the flight was from and to, but her tweet has gained more than 9,000 retweets at the time of writing and people simply love her story.

Primak is yet to reveal any more details about the incident but when she was asked about a picture of the man, she said that she was reluctant as she is against 'cancel culture.'

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