Plane passenger roasted after pic of his 'mile-high grind' goes viral

Plane appears to be floating in the sky

Frequent jet setters have been triggered by an irritating passenger at least once before. Maybe they were barefoot, hogged the armrest, reclined their chair during a short flight – or perhaps, they used their chair to hot desk throughout the entire journey.

In a viral tweet, that's been viewed almost two million times, one man allegedly took advantage of his short-haul flight and used his seat as a desk to work. And it's certainly rubbed people up the wrong way.

The photo shows the man standing at the front of the plane and leaning his laptop on the back of his chair. One person perfectly described the scene as looking "like he's invigilating an exam."

It didn't take long for the roasts to roll in, with one person writing: "Wow, brand new incredibly insufferable guy just dropped."

"The mile-high grind," another penned, while a third joked: "If you have an Apple computer for work I promise you the work can wait."

"It's his world, we just live in it," one Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, one person theorised: "Maybe a lower back pain issue from sitting? Anyone who’s had sciatic nerve pain knows the dreadful result of sitting for hours on end."

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It comes after one viral TikTok struck up a debate around children on flights.

"Rate my 29-hour flight to Berlin," Henry Beasley (@balubrigada) wrote as the on-screen caption, as he sarcastically praised a child passenger's "great projection", "stellar performance" and rating their "incredible stamina" a "10/10."

The clip has racked up almost two million likes and over 35,000 comments debating whether there should be flights exclusive to adults. Many empathised with Beasley, with one candidly saying, "they shouldn't let kids on flights longer than 4 hours."

"I know it sucks when there's a screaming baby on a plane, but I promise you that no one is more miserable than the parent of that child right now, because they're the ones who are having so much anxiety and stress that they can't calm their baby down," responded one user who stitched Henry's clip.

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