UK local council cut down trees in community to stop 'public sex'

UK local council cut down trees in community to stop 'public sex'
Over Half Of The World's Palm Trees At Risk Of Extinction

The local council in Plymouth has taken the drastic step of cutting down trees in an attempt to stop people from having “public sex”.

In the port city in Devon, the outgoing Conservative council’s decision to remove palm trees located close to a waterfront shelter sparked controversy among local residents, but local authorities claimed they had a good reason.

It was claimed that the move was an attempt to curb illicit and antisocial behaviours such as drug-related incidents and outdoor sex.

But, local residents have criticised the council for not considering environmental factors and the city’s green heritage, as well as for not informing them of the works prior to them being undertaken.

Plymouth City Council explained in a tweet to a local tree-conservation group: “These cabbage palms have been cleared as part of a project to reduce anti-social behaviour in the area.

“This area will be replanted to make the space more welcoming, safe and importantly, better for the bugs and the bees.”

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A council spokesperson said: “The area around the Belvedere shelter has suffered from growing anti-social behaviour, with council officers regularly having to clean up sex and drug paraphernalia.”

While many were left angry by the decision, others couldn’t help but poke fun at the situation.

One person tweeted: “Fronds with benefits…”

Another mocked: “I’m bonking mad over this.”

Someone else asked: “Were they climbing to the top? Because there’s not much privacy behind the trunk! Or using it to lean on?

“If that’s the case, it’s time to chop down all the lampposts too.”

It comes not long after the Conservative-run local authority sparked outrage for felling 110 mature trees in the city centre.

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