Theresa May's joke about treating an MP's birthday in the 'appropriate manner' has raised a few eyebrows


Today is Peter Bone's birthday. If you don't know him, he's the Conservative MP for Wellingborough and was very pro-Brexit. He also has a habit of referencing his wife in the House of Commons.

Today Prime Minister's Questions also took place. Mr Bone had the honour of asking the first question, asking whether Theresa May would support the reopening of Wellingborough prison.

He decided to mark the question by declaring to the house it was his birthday and asking for the prime minister's support in the form of a birthday present.

Prime minister Theresa May stood up to the dispatch box and replied:

I would say to my honourable friend, I'm very happy to wish him a very happy birthday today and many happy returns. I hope that Mrs Bone is going to treat the occassion in an appropriate manner and-

Picture: BBC/Screengrab

At this point the House of Commons erupted with childish guffawing. Presumably at the size of the cake Mrs Bone is baking.

You can watch the full video, below:

People picked up on the undertones of the response, not least of all Mr Bone.

Picture: BBC/Screengrab

People also noted the sudden switch in tone following the joke:

What a time to be the prime minister of Her Majesty's government.

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