Christopher Chope, who yesterday submitted ten bills to parliament.
Christopher Chope, who yesterday submitted ten bills to parliament.

Meet Christopher Chope, the Conservative MP for Christchurch.

He is a member of the Tory awkward squad (sometimes likened to dinosaurs, or just dubbed the 'bastards'), a cluster of Eurosceptics who have been a thorn in David Cameron’s side since he became party leader and more so since he became PM. And they show no sign of stopping, especially now the Tories have a majority.

Since 1 May 1997 Chope has rebelled on approximately 6.5 per cent of votes - 213 out of 3,278 to be precise – and increasingly as his career in parliament has gone on.

He’s voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability, and in the 2010–2015 parliament he rebelled in 18.9 per cent of the votes.

Yesterday, Mr Chope presented 10 bills to parliament.

Yes, ten.

He presented each bill “supported by Mr Peter Bone, Philip Davies and Sir Edward Leigh”.

So who are they?

Peter Bone

Peter Bone, MP for Wellingborough, is known to quote Mrs Bone as the subject of his political wisdom – and the reasons for his many rebellions.

Under the coalition government Bone made an attempt to rename the August bank holiday as Margaret Thatcher Day, and has rebelled in 190 out of 2033 votes (9.3 per cent).

Philip Davies

Davies objected to gay marriage, banning smoking in cars with children, and sending books to prisoners. He is basically un-whippable, having rebelled in 239 of 1989 votes (12 per cent).

Sir Edward Leigh

The MP for Gainsborough has rebelled 98 times out of 3,180, making him a lesser source of discomfort to Mr Cameron. He has strongly voted for raising VAT and for reducing welfare benefits.

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