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People have all sorts of techniques for dropping off to sleep.

Some count sheep. Others listen to music. Ear plugs also work and there is always Nytol, in sensible quantities of course.

Now a new solution is on the scene and it's ideal for anyone who loves a good podcast.

Sleep with Me is the creation of 42-year-old Drew Ackerman and it has mastered the art of boring storytelling.

Ackerman, who acts as the host of the show, has developed a narrative technique which is unlike any other.

His elongated sentences seem to go nowhere and often tail off on unrelated tangents, with Ackerman's monotone voice complimenting the style perfectly.

Never does he crack a joke, reach anything that remotely verges on excitement or use words that might trigger emotions like "spiders" for instance.

In his own words it's:

the podcast the sheep listen to when they get tired of counting themselves.

Reminds us of this stimulating anecdote from Grandpa Simpson.

The podcast is a personal venture from Ackerman who has suffered from insomnia since he was a child.

Furthermore he does it all in his spare time, with each episode taking at least 15 hours to complete.

That's even more impressive when you consider that he produces three episodes a week, sometimes featuring his own stories or analysis of tv shows, like Game of Thrones.

Although it only works as a distraction and isn't a guaranteed cure for insomnia, the podcast has acquired a huge following and has over 2000 ratings on iTunes.

Whether you can actually stay awake during the podcast or remain conscious doesn't really matter.

He told the New Yorker:

[The podcast] is there, but you don't have to fall asleep.

There's not a right or wrong way to use the show.

To be honest just thinking about an episode of the show is already making us drowsy.

If you fancy checking it out give it a listen in the link below.

HT New Yorker, Sleep With Me

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