Police praised for sharing open letter to women suffering from abuse

A police force Twitter account has earned praise on social media after it posted a powerful open letter to women suffering from domestic abuse.

Lochaber and Skye Police in Scotland posted the tweets on Saturday and its message clearly resonated with users on Twitter.

The tweets, which aren't addressed to one particular individual, urge women to leave their abusive partners and recommend the help that they can confide in.

This is the thread in full.

The thread has since gone viral.

The police account has over 5,000 followers and is best known for it's light hearted approach to documenting their efforts against crime in the Highlands.

However, these posts have really hit a chord with followers.

The account has now received hundreds of messages of thanks and support for the open letter.

Marsha Scott, the chief executive of Scottish Women's Aid, praised the force's creative use of Twitter and feels it should encourage police forces to provide women with similar help.

Talking to BuzzFeedshe said:

[There is] great potential I think for police social media to encourage getting help, including by providing links to the National Helpline and local services.

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