Police in the US have killed someone nearly every day this year

- Saturday 10 January

- Tuesday 20 January

- Sunday 1 February

- Wednesday 18 February

- Saturday 28 March

- Friday 1 May

- Saturday 9 May

- Monday 18 May

- Sunday 24 May

The above nine dates are the only days this calendar year when no one was killed by a police officer in the US, according to data from Mapping Police Violence compiled by Mic

Following the death of James Boulware, a gunman who attacked a police headquarters in Dallas on Saturday, the Guardian estimates that 508 people have now been killed by lethal force since January.

As a comparison, only four people have been shot by police in the UK in last five years.

Chart via Statista

According to the Guardian's 'The Counted' feature, which is tracking all deaths caused by US police, black people (3.45 per million) and Hispanic people (1.46 per million) are more likely to be killed than white people (1.26 per million).

As Micpoints out, while the US government has sought to limit the amount of military-style equipment given to officers, only 0.02 per cent of the nation's police forces are investigated by the Justice Department each year. And as events in the last year have shown, police officers are "nearly immune from criminal charges in shootings" in any case.

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