Coronation Street
Coronation Street
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Police came to the aid of a Coronation Street fan whose TV was on the blink by fixing it in time for her to watch the show.

Officers in Lincoln said they contacted mental health services for the woman, who was “feeling low and lonely” when they visited her house on Friday night, as well as getting her set back online.

The force tweeted: “Her loneliness was amplified by the fact her TV wasn’t working.

“We not only got her in contact with MH services who will provide follow up support and we fixed the TV.

“She was very happy that she could now watch a bit of Corrie.”

The gesture went down well with people on social media.

One tweeted: “The small things are the big things. What a lovely act of kindness.”

Another replied: “That’s fab work… you will have made a world of difference to that lady.”

The tweet was also retweeted by the wider Lincolnshire force, who thanked the officers “for doing this and tweeting this”.

The Lincoln account added: “Policing isn’t all about catching criminals and sometimes it’s the small things that make the big difference.”

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