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If you were wondering why “McMuffin” was trending on social media, it’s because a video of a cop crying after not receiving her complete McDonald’s order has gone viral online and leaving many confused in the process.

The police officer – identified only as Stacey – explained that she pre-ordered her coffee and McMuffin and then went through the drive through at the Richmond Hill, Georgia store to pick it up:

I’m on my way home from work when I pull up to the [drive through] window. They hand me my receipt so I go to the second window to get my food and I’m waiting and I’m waiting and I’m waiting.

So, the girl comes to the window and asks me what my order was and I repeat my order and my coffee order and they ask me to pull up because my food’s not ready. It’s an English muffin meal, with a hash brown and coffee.

After waiting for a while, a McDonald’s employee came up to the police officer’s car and handed her the coffee she ordered.

But not the hash brown or McMuffin…

At this point in the retelling of the story, Stacey began to well up as she said:

So I told her… I said ‘Don’t bother with the food because right now I’m too nervous to take it’. It doesn’t matter how many hours I’ve been up, it doesn’t matter what I’ve done for anyone – right now I’m too nervous to take a meal from McDonald’s because I can’t see it being made.

In a full on cry at this point, Stacey continued:

I don’t know what’s going on with people nowadays but please just give us a break… I don’t know how much more I can take.

Stacey implored people to “have a heart” and if you see an officer, you should say “thank you” because she doesn’t “hear it anymore”.

Twitter user @tkag2020_ann posted the video to the social media platform on Tuesday evening and remarked “Come on America. We are better than this”:

But people couldn’t actually see why the police officer was so upset.

Was it because Stacey thought they purposefully forgot the rest of her meal due to anti-police sentiment in the midst of global protests around police brutality after the death of George Floyd at the end of last month?

Was it that she believed her food was poisoned, as some suggested?

Or perhaps it was all just a misunderstanding…

Whatever the case may be, people on social media didn’t have a lot of sympathy for the cop’s plight:

Then the jokes and memes began:

Who’s hungry?

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