White woman accused of racism after calling the police on a man and his children trying to visit his aunt

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Sunday 01 December 2019 12:00

A video showing a white woman calling the police on a man of colour for simply trying to visit his aunt has sparked mass outrage on Twitter.

In the recording, the woman is seen blocking the entrance to her apartment block in Manhattan, while on the phone to the police.

The woman says:

He will not leave the premises, he will not tell me who he's here for.

To which the man, has been identified as Alfredo Sandoval, responded:

I'm on the second floor, my aunt lives on the second floor.

The woman proceeds to demand he tell her the name of his aunt, which the man refuses to do – as is his right. Yet she continues:

All he has to do is tell me who his aunt is.

He replies, quite reasonably:

No, I do not. You're no one.

At this point, the woman gets more and more irate, repeating that she "doubts it" over and over again when Mr Sandoval explains yet again that he's there to visit his aunt.

She then seems to imply Mr Sandoval is a criminal, saying:

There's been a lot of theft recently.

It's at this point that we learn that throughout this whole ordeal, Mr Sandoval was accompanied by his two young children, which makes the whole thing even more outrageous.

After Mr Sandoval posted the video to Instagram, it was tweeted by Christopher Bouzy, and has now been viewed 1.7 million times.

People were not afraid to express their anger at the debacle.

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