Police search for 'Green Goblin gang' of women who attacked two people on New York subway

Police search for 'Green Goblin gang' of women who attacked two people on New York subway
Group of 'aliens' in neon bodysuits assault teens on NYC subway train
Fox 5 - NY

Two women were attacked on a New York City subway by a group of women bizarrely dressed in neon bodysuits and police are now searching for the "Green Goblin gang."

The incident took place on October 2 at around 2 am near Times Square and footage has since circulated on social media showing the two 19-year-old women being repeatedly punched and pushed by the group of six women.

Another clip from a different angle showed the train sitting at the subway station as the gang got on and off a number of times attack continued periodically for a few minutes but passengers then intervened to prevent them from getting on the train again.

In the end, the assailants managed to flee the scene with a mobile phone and a handbag, police told The New York Post.

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"She said she was attacked by aliens, and I didn’t know what she was talking about," the mother of one of the victims told the same publication on Monday (October 3).

The woman who requested anonymity also detailed that the attack was unprovoked and occurred when her daughter had been out celebrating her 19th birthday.

"My daughter’s words were, they bum rushed them. I asked, ‘Why? Did you say something?’ She said, ‘I wish I did, because then there would be a reason for what happened to me,'" the mother told New York Daily News.

The victims were not seriously injured and refused medical treatment at the scene but later got their injuries examined at a local hospital.

The mother noted her daughter has bruising on her arms and legs and is in pain when breathing, while the other victim's mother told The Post her daughter had been vomiting (on October 2) from concussion.

The NYPD is investigating the attack, while the assailants have not yet been caught.

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