This 19-year-old teen brought a community together with his pop-up puppy park


If you're in need of a good-natured heart-warming tale, then look no further. This is your bag.

A 19-year-old from Clifton, Cincinnati, has been praised for bringing a community together using the power of pooches. Yes, you read that correctly.

Troy Melnyk has a rare genetic condition called Angleman syndrome, which is similar to autism, and means he's non-verbal. Despite this, the teenager loves people, and is visibly cheered in the presence of others.

His parents Cassandra and Nestor noticed a huge difference in the teen when they got their puppy Izzy, and the two became firm friends.

Speaking to WLWT 5, Nestor said:

They will hang out together. She will crawl into bed with him and sleep with him. And he will sometimes gently kind of tease her to get her to play with him.

However, finding a place that they could play was sometimes a struggle, as there was nowhere appropriate in the Clifton neighbourhood in which they lived.

So, the Melnyks decided to take things into their own hands. Together, the family started a pop-up puppy park, which they gave the snappy title Pop-Up Puppy Party, or PUPP for short.

The initiative created a space for local residents to meet up with their dogs, socialise, and while their dogs nibble on a dog treat, enjoy the odd alcoholic beverage with other members of their community.

What more could a dog and its dog loving owner want?

The whole pop-up puppy park has been a huge success.

A local resident, Claudia Riley, is thrilled by the initiative. Speaking to WLWT, she said:

We've gotten to know people we never met before and we've lived here since 1991.

Troy's mother and father are equally thrilled by the success of the monthly meet up. Speaking to the news outlet, his mother Cassandra said that the the aim of the idea was simply to make people recognise her son as a 'worthwhile member of our community'. There's no doubt about the fact that it's been a complete success.

Perhaps summing the whole pup-party up, Troy's father Nestor told WLWT:

It's not just building community for our family, but it's also enhancing that local community here in Clifton, for friends and neighbours here in Clifton, and our loveable dogs!

If this story hasn't proved the power of pooches to unite people, then nothing will.

Pooch power all the way!

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