Here are the most popular countries in the world


The subreddit /r/Earthporn is where people go to appreciate the world in which they live.

Expect satellite views of the planet as well as nature's finest.

But which countries are the most popular for submissions?

Well, it turns out the answer is the US, with more than 25,325 posts - this might be skewed who uses reddit.

Most beautiful countries in the world:

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But which countries have the best reputation among nationals of other countries?

The Reputation Institute looks at a number of markers when it decides which countries have the best, and worst reputation.

Here are some of the statements which they consider:

  • I would recommend visiting the country
  • I would recommend living in the country
  • I would recommend working in the country
  • I would recommend investing in the country
  • I would recommend buying products/services originating from the country
  • I would recommend studying in the country
  • I would attend to an event

Based on the answers, the institute comes up with a score – a ‘RepTrak Pulse’.

They do not have data for all countries.

Here are the top ten countries with the best reputation:

1. Sweden

2. Canada

3. Switzerland

4. Australia

5. Norway

6. Finland

7. New Zealand

8. Denmark

9. Ireland

10. Netherlands

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